QR Codes – Reinvent the shopping experience

QR code

There are only a few humble attempts to push QR codes that you can see around – magazines, billboards. Quick response technology is a great tool and I believe it should be expanded more. QR codes will help to reinvent and enhance shopping experience – imagine you are in the electronics store and want to purchase new digital camera, however you are not sure about its features. It looks good from the outside, but what’s inside is more important. In this case you will have to play “catch me if you can” with one of the consultants or wait until one will be free to help you. If QR codes will be available and printed let’s say on shelf talkers – you can simply scan the code and get all information you need without wasting your time browsing the web and searching for the information or waiting for the consultant to come. Real Estate, retail, businesses and service providers can greatly benefit from using this simple but very effective method of providing clear and concise information to the consumer.

Play games at the bus stop!

Yahoo has converted ordinary bus stops into interactive screen billboards to promote their new mobile apps. Interactive bus stops are located in 10 different spots around San Fancisco. Each bus stop has a score meter, so it’s suburb against suburb. Suburb with the highest score will win a street party after 10 week campaign will be finished.