In today’s online fashion and retail world, the product appearance is a crucial part of how it sells. That is why a good quality clothing photography can make your product stand out from the crowd. Being able to showcase the unique product features, quality of the material and clothing style can be easily achieved by ghost mannequin photography. However, ghost mannequin photography can sound as an easy job, but it is a quite heavily technical process and requires a certain knowledge and experience using Photoshop.


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Online fashion industry is a rapidly growing and creates high competition for many retailers. Using ghost mannequin photography you provide your customers with a better shopping experience. It not only helps to attract new customers to your online store, but it also helps to maintain your existing ones and generate more sales from returning buyers. So what is ghost mannequin photography? Ghost mannequin photography is a special style of product photography that allows a customer to view a clothing item in a 3D environment. A mannequin, which is usually used by tailors, is used in ghost product photography industry to feature a clothing garment in a way of how it can be seen on a real person. Ghost mannequin photography requires well experience photographer to perform a photo image manipulation and image editing to make a piece of clothing to look flawless and ‘alive’.

In order to create ghost mannequin photography, we need to photograph a clothing item on a mannequin from multiples angels. By doing so, we collect a series of images that later can be used to create a perfect 3D ghost mannequin photo. In addition, we need to photograph product logos, labels and other small but crucial details that create a whole 3D picture.

A small detail can make a big difference when it comes to ghost mannequin photography. The key to perfect flawless image is a preparation. This is an important step in creating a seamless ghost mannequin photo.

Flat Lay Photography Example
Ghost Mannequin Photography Example


Converting an ordinary photo into ghost mannequin photograph requires a professional expertise, experience, certain equipment and attention to details. Our job is to make your garment to look realistic through bringing out its shapes, shadings and features to life with a ghost mannequin photography. Customers shopping online prefer ghost mannequin photography as it allows them to visualise the garment on themselves. With what is also called invisible mannequin photography, you can easily imagine how a particular garment shape, texture or colour may look on you.

Ghost mannequin photography brings the garment features to a truly realistic focus. Soft and floating garment materials can be easily featured on a mannequin, as if it is on a real person. However, ghost mannequin photography requires a full dedication and specialist touch. There is a certain preparation that needs to take place to ensure that ghost mannequin photographs are true to life images. It requires garment preparation, steaming, removing of dust and dirt, proper attention to details, garment manipulation and handling, creative vision and in-depth knowledge of the photo editing tools.


Prior to producing ghost mannequin photography, we need to carefully plan the photoshooting session and prepare the garment. The garment needs to be styled and photographed in a particular manner to ensure high quality end results.


A certain garment size needs to be provided when producing a ghost mannequin photography. The size consistency is an important part as it allows a photographer to fit the garment on the mannequin appropriately without any crisps, folding and misalignment. The consistent sizing also provides continuity throughout the product range. Moreover, this also helps during the post production stage when photographs are being retouched and edited.

Ghost Mannequin Photography Size Requirements
Ghost Mannequin Photography Size 8
Ghost Mannequin Photography Medium Size
Ghost Mannequin Photography Size 16
Ghost Mannequin Photography Pregnancy
Ghost Mannequin Photography Size 7-8 Kids


Prior to photoshooting the garment needs to be steamed or ironed. In particular, this is a very important process when garment was in package or folded. After removing the garment from package we use a good quality professional steamer to remove the wrinkles. There are instances where we need to use an iron, in this case a special care taken to ensure the garment won’t be damaged by the hot iron. Once that’s done, we take a few extra minutes to ensure that the garment is free from dust, creases and other imperfections. Now we are ready to move to our next phase to get the clothing ready for shooting.


In the ghost mannequin photography the garments need to be styled and photoshoot in a specific manner to capture precise product features. The material needs to flow naturally on the mannequin without the disturbance to the style of the garment. The customer should be able to see the shape and natural draping of the garment. We may also need to readjust the garment on the mannequin by tucking or pinning it so that the style is displayed properly. A little styling may also be required for clothing items with hood where we need to demonstrate the garment with the hood up.


When photographing products on mannequins to create perfect image, we need to ensure that we have sufficient amount of garment photos to than compile a true 3D perfect image. Customers should be able to accurately visualise the garment and it is very important to give them as much information as possible. To produce ghost mannequin photography we not only need to photograph front and back of the garment, but we also need to shoot angles of the product as well as close ups of garment embellishments. To demonstrate the quality of the garment, we focus on product features such as zippers, embroidery, labels, logos, buttons and so on. This also allows to create a flawless image during a post-production process of the ghost mannequin photography.


You need to allow your customers to realistically experience the natural garment shape and style, as well as to have a high quality shopping experience. In order to achieve this, we need to present them with a complete garment look, front and back. All clothing is different and customers should be able to appreciate the full image of the garment and not only front of it. In particular, back image is very important when we need to showcase back details, such as feature cut, garment styling and garment embellishments. The front and back will then become two separate images that require equivalent professional photo editing effort.


There are three main features of the ghost mannequin photography: to showcase the garments in their best light, to drive sales and to strengthen brand identity. Each product needs a certain attention to details. Modest, simple garment like t-shirt may not necessary require extra care of styling, however when it comes to more complex detailed garments such as evening dress we need to dedicate a special attention. There are many elements we need to consider when photographing a complex detailed garment. Not only we need to thoroughly consider the details during the photoshoot planning phase, but also we need to take extra care during the shooting process. Moreover, some complex garments may also come with a specific photoshooting instructions and item handling.


Ghost mannequin photography requires a professional and experienced specialist. Once the garment is styled and shoot on a mannequin, then the post production phase begins. During this phase, a specialist able to expose the garment interior by manipulating and photo editing images. The garment needs to be showcased in its true colours and shapes.

In the post production phase, the specialist focuses on image sharpness, colour balance, image cropping, removing and modifying the background, garment alignment and so on. It is imperative that during the photo-editing process the garment is cut out identically so that during the image compiling phase the photographs are presented in a seamless manner. When combining images we then able to expose the garment interior and give it a figure and form. Combining the front and back garment shots we than reveal the garment inside details. With careful planning and attention to detail during the garment preparation and photo shooting we achieve beautiful and professional images that will only strengthen your brand. Please view our portfolio for more image samples.


In order to qualify for $20+GST per image special, the minimum quantity of 20 images is required. Please contact us for a quote should you require less than 20 images.

We provide all our images, professionally retouched (correcting imperfections), deep etched (background removed) in high resolution (for print) and web optimised formats (for eCommerce).

Our standard turnaround time is 5-7 business days from the day of the photoshoot. This may vary due to the complexity of the setup and the number of product photos required. Express turnaround times are available.

YES, please contact us for a special rate.

Products can be delivered to us using Australian Post or courier of your choice. Alternatively, products can be hand delivered to the studio. Please package your items in a protective manner.

NO, there is No Studio Setup Fee.

YES, we require products to be clean and ready for shooting to ensure we can maintain high quality standards. Items requiring cleaning will delay the shooting process and may incur additional charges.

You will receive your images in hi-resolution for print use (~5000px x 5000px 300dpi) and web optimised images for e-commerce (1024px x 1024px). We can prepare your images as JPEG (Standard – white background) or PNG (no background) formats. If you require Photoshop files please let us know.

You will receive the link via email to download your final images.

Once invoice payment and photography project is finalised you get unlimited rights for images use. We provide all our final images to you. We may use the images on our website and/or social media channels as an example of our work.

Please note that garment colour change is purely done for consistency purposes only. We usually fit every garment of the same style on the mannequin and determine which style fits best. From our experience clients always ask for the colour change if there is a slight difference between the garments’ shape. The one that fits better on the mannequin always wins. Garment colour change is quite a complex process as it requires the post production team to cut and match all the buttons, labels, drawings, wordings that may appear on the garment. Colour changed image is treated as a separate final image. There are no additional discounts associated with this process and can only be determined by the photographer if applicable.

We accept payments via Bank Transfer (EFT), Credit Cards or PayPal. Please note that it is prohibited to use any of the images without finalising the payment first.

When the photographs are complete, we return the products to you, at your cost. If you do not want the products returned, please let us know.

Product will remain in the studio for 10 business days from the date of the photoshoot. Thereafter products are being recycled.