Nikita Photography Studios provide following Model Photography services:

  • E-commerce Model Photography
  • E-commerce Model No Face Photography
  • Look book Fashion Photography
  • Product in use Photography
  • Retouching

All our packages include:

  • Photography
  • Studio facilities, equipment and lighting
  • Product Preparation
  • Colour Correction
  • Cropping and minor retouching
  • Resizing of images (for web and print)
  • Instant Online File Delivery



Nikita Photography Studios offer all types of Model Photography, from eCommerce Model Photography to the to Lookbook Fashion Photography as well as Final Retouching services. Our key points of difference are superior quality, attention to details and cost effective photo packages.

We perfectly understand that every Model Photography project has its own purpose. As such, there might be a requirement for Fashion Advertisement, Garment and Footwear promotion, Jewellery and Fashion Accessories campaign. Therefore, it is our responsibility to bring out the essence and true representation of your product. Every brand can boast its own unique and one-of-a-kind style which must be taken into consideration and reflected in every photograph. With a right vision and high end photography equipment, our photographers will plan your upcoming shoot in a way that your true brand concept and your idea will be featured in its best. The main difference of our Studio is that we complete all projects professionally, within set timeframes and most importantly on budget.

Our photographers are equipped with all the necessary skills and experience to set comfortable vibe and atmosphere to achieve the main results – get fantastic photos, which will meet your business requirements and mainly will sell your product. At Nikita Photography Studios we consider Model Photography as a form of art, where every clothing garment, piece of jewellery or fashion accessory can be enlighten and brought to life through fascinating, eye-catching photographs. Our highly skilled photographers utilise hi-end, professional photography equipment and they truly are experts in their field. Their technical and artistic skills set no limits to the imagination: we specialise in creating images that will captivate your customers at first sight. The knowledge of photography fundamentals allows us to choose the most favorable camera angles and making photos you could only dream of!

eCommerce Model Photography

eCommerce Model Photography is getting more and more popular day after day and we follow all the modern tendencies and trends. Nowadays, an effective e-commerce solution is a key to a successful business. The real market driver is an effective and powerful online presence where your business need to stand out from competition. In order to maintain profitable and successful business, you need to think of powerful way of advertising. At Nikita Photography Studios we provide eCommerce Model Photography, where your business can benefit from modern, sharp and captivating Model Photography promoting your product and your brand. Your digital marketing can immediately bloom once these images are loaded on your website. If you need to attract your audience and communicate an effective and powerful message, you can sure that eCommerce Model Photography is a right way to go. eCommerce photography sets a totally different vibe to your website. At Nikita Photography Studios, we can assure you in eye-catching and attractive photos made with enthusiasm and passion. We love our job and that’s why every project is a new adventure for us. Our photographers do their best to meet all your requirements and specifications. Thereby, you can be confident in great results, vivid photos of products in use will ensure the deep interest of audience and, as a result, a guaranteed success of your business. Make use of our high-quality service right now!

eCommerce Model No Face (Unrecognisable) Photography

Another sought-after service offered at Nikita Photography Studio is eCommerce Model No Face Photography. This type of photography is a discipline photographic method where the product is featured without showcasing model’s face. As such, photograph is designed to focus your customer’s attention on overall product rather than model appearance. This photographic approach draws customer’s attention on the very detail of the product, thus making every photo unique and captivating.

When photograph is taken we need to capture the vibe, atmosphere and the mood without featuring the models face. This is a masterpiece in its essence. The absence of face requires creating such a perfect photo, thus the focus is predominately on the product and the rest becomes scenery. Your customers attention will be focused on your product without any distraction. The key in achieving flawless image comes with practice, skills, expertise and experience and we have mastered this. With years of experience we have developed and firmed our skills, therefore each time taking photographs of different products and garments, we have experts at finding the perfect angles every time. It is also important to mention that each product is a stand along individual project that requires great attention to details. Only with careful planning and preparation we can achieve perfectly seamless and professional photographs. It’s an inspiration and professionalism proved by years of high-grade work!

eCommerce No Face Model Photography

Lookbook Fashion Photography

What can advertise your garments better than Lookbook Fashion Photography? It’s a unique shoot aimed at creating collection of photos, bringing out the details of garments, and showing clothes in an enchanting dynamic way. Lookbook fashion photography is a very powerful marketing tool that allows businesses to focus on their brand. This fashion photography style is designed to feature and create hype about the brand. This type of photography is one of the most desirable as it exposes each garment and conveys a unique target marketing message in a form of storytelling. Creating a lookbook can be one of the most exciting and fun photoshooting experiences. Lookbook photography is very desirable photography style when it comes to launching a new season collection. Nikita Photography Studios being real professionals can reassure you that you will only great results and the growing number of customers falling in love with your garments. We know how to make photos that will turn your targeted audience into real buyers!


Retouching is a critical part of the photoshooting process and can be overlooked by some photography studios. It is not enough just to make a great photo. Every photograph must be taken care of and retouched to the perfection. Some of the elements we are looking for during post product phase are irregular colours, lighting misbalance, uneven skin tones and other imperfections. Our retouching masters know how to master your photograph and make it perfect in every case. You will be surprised at final results. Professionalism, the usage of high-end equipment, and endless working experience let us produce the most stunning and marvelous images, which can be used immediately and don’t require any additional processing. Bright colours, clean lines, trendy images, modern angles – are the key features you will receive with Nikita Photography Studios. Our all inclusive price, offers you a studio facilities, our professional and top-quality equipment, lighting setup and most importantly priceless images.
Each photoshoot requires preparation and thought through studio set up. During studio set up elements such as lighting (daylight and/or artificial lighting) must be carefully considered. It helps to highlight the main accents, create the trick of a light, underline the details, and make professional final images. In addition to the lighting, every product must be prepared prior the photoshoot to make it look attractive and appealing as its appearance is one of the most important key components of satisfactory results. As always, it’s impossible to mention that every image is processed by our team to ensure a good colour correction. Thought out balancing the colour, we can achieve realistic and natural look.
Every image goes through resizing, thus the final photography can be used for web or print. And lastly, every image is instantly delivered to you via web. Hence wherever you are, you can review your images at once. You can sure we are your photography partner you can trust.

Experience and Brilliant Portfolio

At Nikita Photography Studios we are experienced in completing projects of different complexity. It is all about presenting images that will attract your targeted audience, provide a fresh look to your brand and boost your sales. We are a team of real experts in the sphere of Model Photography. Our pricing allows us to cater for different customer types, making us affordable for everyone! Please check out our portfolio and you will see everything with your own eyes!
This is an opportunity to make an effective promotion of your garments or products, develop eye-catching lookbook, receive professional photos and deliver highly professional images to your customers. That’s how Nikita Photography Studios works!