eCommerce Model Photography Siah

Project Description

Inspired by individuality and the positive optimism of successful women from all walks of of life, S I A H campaigns are poised to compliment, empower and in turn inspire S I A H women to live, love, play and travel in timeless and effortless style.
Launched in 2016, S I A H is an Australian-owned fashion brand that challenges the traditional boundaries between fashionable and professional womenswear.
The collective team at S I A H are passionate about creating and delivering dynamic and versatile collections to cater for busy women who seek effortless sophistication and glamour.
From the first sketch to the final cut, the S I A H team pursue the importance of creating progressive designs, with a clear focus on essentials that encapsulate simplicity, elegance and structure.

Nikita Photography Studios provided eCommerce Model Photography services to S I A H.