Outdoor Furniture Photography Jati

Project Description

Jati began in 1984 in the garage of a home in Canterbury as the “spare time” passion of a school teacher. Passion for teak outdoor furniture quickly became a business. In time, Jati became a household name for quality, everlasting teak outdoor settings. Over 27 years of hard won experience and manufacturing, the Jati range expanded beyond teak to become synonymous with the finest in outdoor settings.  From a garage to a small storage space in Richmond, to a warehouse selling direct to the public in Stephenson Street, Richmond, to opening a showroom in Sydney, the brand was quickly embraced by a discerning public.  Today the range includes a wide collection ranging from English heritage style garden benches, chairs and tables, to the latest contemporary designs including borderless tables and flat topped backless benches, including teak, wicker and a range of new weather resistant materials.

Nikita Photography Studios has provided furniture photography services to Jati furniture range.