Kids Swimwear Photography Sandinyapantz

Project Description

Sandinyapantz children’s designer swimwear is an Australian brand, owned and operated by Katie Hawkins from the dreamlike beach town of Arrawarra Headland.

Each garment is handmade to be as individual and unique as the girl who will wear it.

Created with her deep passion and love of the ocean Katie’s designs infuses the purity and playfulness of life at the beach.

This collection is inspired by a children’s nursery rhyme ‘Monday’s Child’. Designed to mix and match each piece representing a different day of the week.

Whether she is Monday’s child or Sunday’s child, she is every girl who has carved sand under her feet and salt in her hair. Who has spent countless hours roaming the beach, whose laughter and splashing has echoed from the backyard pool. Who has dived from the bow of a boat, to explore a rocky shore and who has wished that summer would last forever.

Nikita Photography Studios provided Ghost Mannequin Photography services to Sandinyapantz.