Leather Bags Photography Saya Leather

Project Description

The Saya line includes a variety of leather handbags, totes, leather shoes and leather accessories. From the moment our ideas are formed to the moment our bags are shipped to your door, absolutely everything is done with pride, care and passion.

We consider every aspect, from the overall look and style to the tiny details most people don’t even notice. We pay close attention to detail at every step of the way to ensure that our products are as close to perfect as possible.

What’s in a name? In homage to Bali and Balinese culture, each Saya bag and accessory has been named using an Indonesian word. We choose these names as carefully as we create our products, selecting words we believe best represent the distinct offering of each individual product as well as the overall essence of the Saya brand.

Nikita Photography Studios provided Fashion Accessories Photography to Saya Leather.