Wine bottle photography is one of the trickiest types of product photography. Wine bottle photography is very much about controlling reflections, balancing details and capturing the bottle shape and wine fullness. Each photo needs to project the wine flavour so that your customers start to desire your wine from a very second they see it.


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Firstly, the wine bottle needs to be prepared for the photoshooting. As an initial step we would wipe the product with the clean cloth as this will remove any fingerprints and dust that are so easily picked up by the camera. Once the product is ready for the photoshoot the next step is the wine bottle positioning and its presentation.


Product presentation is an important element in product photography. When we photograph wine bottles we need to focus on how the bottle positioned thus the camera can capture its shape, wine colour, light and shadow reflection. Let’s not forget one of the vital parts in wine bottle photography that is the wine itself and its colour. With our expertise and experience, we produce wine bottle images that can create different emotions and thoughts in your customers mind. It is all about creating a successful balance between the wine bottle presentation, shadows and details.

When we photograph a wine bottle we focus on creating an atmosphere for your customer thus the image sells the product. Customer attention needs to be drawn to the sharpness and brilliance of the wine bottle and its contents. When it comes to featuring the wine bottle label, it is about getting the right angle, light reflection, clarity and sharpness.


When it comes to taking a shot the focus is now becomes positioning and selecting the right angle. With selecting right positioning we can capture not only the fullness of the bottle and its shape, but clearly represent wine bottle labels. There are usually two labels on the bottle, front and back. When photographing front label, we work on reducing the flare, but stimulating the label sharpness. With the back label, the image is digitally removed and then correctly positioned and added in the post production phase.

The most popular angle when photographing the wine bottle is the front on. The bottle will need to be lit from the back to create a soft glow and to illuminate the entire bottle and its content. Such angle also helps us to feature the label in the center position, clear and visible. In some instances we may need to rotate the bottle slightly to capture the label in the center. An additional set of lights is used to light up the label on the bottle.


At our studio environment we are able to get the maximum control of lighting and reflections as well as to capture small details that are so important in wine bottle photography. Different wine types require unique approach to truly represent the wine and the brand.  As each bottle is different in its content, shape and design, we were able to master our skills that each time we produce magnificent results for such delicate and tricky type of product photography. We understand all the variety of lighting situations and the techniques required to control it in order to produce mouth-watering photographs.

When it comes to wine bottle photography one of the aims is to create thirst, desire and passion for your wine. One of the beauties of using reflectors and reflections is that we can create appealing glow and natural shine to the bottle. The glass of the bottle is highly reflective; throughout the correct use of light source we are able to establish a natural fullness of the bottle. This is where the placement of the bottle is very important, as it will make a difference in the reflections and shadows in the bottle.

It is often about evoking an emotion that works the best for the product. The correct use of lighting can easily enrich the wine colour and its depth. Furthermore, as we carefully control the shadows we are able to establish a certain mood and desired atmosphere. We have sharpened our skills and with certain discipline and knowledge we are able to achieve flawless images.


Taking beautiful and high quality wine bottle photography can be achieved by applying great expertise, experience and skills. However there are other techniques required in order to achieve dramatic results in wine bottle photography. During the post production phase, we are able to polish the image to its perfection. This is where we work on gradual details, such as background removal, image cropping, enhancing and removing imperfections. It is all about creating that mood and emotions for your customers. High quality images can truly communicate the value of the wine product directly to the customer.

When we capture the image of the bottle, we want to establish a clear, sharp image with a uniform background. Every detail on the image is as important as an image itself. During this phase the key focus to present a 3 dimensional image that will convey the product value to your customers.

To create a masterpiece we work on every element of the image. That’s where the bottle labels come into the center of the attention. High quality image will not only project the shape and fullness of the bottle but also the label paper texture, embossing, embroidery and its colour. These details are especially important at the final stage.

At Nikita Photography Studios we strive to deliver the best images to you so that your customers can have the best buying experience.