Photo prepared for eBay

Photography and Images preparation for eBay listings

We just released a new set of images for the eBay store that belongs to one of our clients. eBay is becoming extremely popular and as a result more competitive since lots of people trying to get their foot into the online retail. It appears stores need to seriously consider how their listings interact with the consumer and make sure their photos, descriptions and videos look top notch otherwise consumers might do their business elsewhere. Look at the sample below of revamped photos used for the eBay listings. We have provided the following services:  Product Photography > Deep Etching > Retouching > Images preparation for Web


Preparing images for eBay

Images preparation for ebayProduct Photography for eBayPhotos for eBay listings Photo prepared for eBay

Restaurant Website Design

Restaurant Website Design

We’ve just released our latest creation – the website for Red Spoon Thai Restaurant in Gladesville. The most important part of the website is strong and informative call to action placed prominently on every page – it includes address, opening hours (and days), phone as well as additional services such as Home Delivery, takeaway and BYO. We kept in mind that future website visitors will be accessing the website via their mobile devices and they will need to get access to this information almost immediately after visiting the website.

For the creative direction we have utilised the photography to highlight the unique environment of the restaurant. Every page features photo of the restaurant in the background to provide restaurants look and feel to the future visitors.

Restaurant Website Design

Restaurant Website Design

Divert to Mobile new website

New Divert to Mobile website has been launched

Nikita Design Studio was approached by Divert to Mobile to rebrand their existing website. We used simple, yet sophisticated design to highlight Divert to Mobile core product and its features. Mix of imagery and icons across the site leaves a positive impression on the visitor as well as allows getting clear understanding about the business and the product its offering.

We used “guided” approach to the design, meaning that user will browse from one page to another following the guided links at the bottom of the pages. The user journey consists of four pages: Home Page -> Features -> Rates -> Sign Up. The main purpose of this procedure is to generate sales leads and get potential clients details. Moreover, Home and Rates pages feature direct “call to action” enticing the potential visitor to sign up: “Sign up today and take the advantage of our introductory offer”

The introduction of the Common Questions section allows visitors to get short and straight forward answers to the most asked questions without leaving any doubts about the service.


New Website screenshot:

Divert to Mobile new website


Old Website screenshot:

Divert to Mobile old website



QR Codes – Reinvent the shopping experience

QR code

There are only a few humble attempts to push QR codes that you can see around – magazines, billboards. Quick response technology is a great tool and I believe it should be expanded more. QR codes will help to reinvent and enhance shopping experience – imagine you are in the electronics store and want to purchase new digital camera, however you are not sure about its features. It looks good from the outside, but what’s inside is more important. In this case you will have to play “catch me if you can” with one of the consultants or wait until one will be free to help you. If QR codes will be available and printed let’s say on shelf talkers – you can simply scan the code and get all information you need without wasting your time browsing the web and searching for the information or waiting for the consultant to come. Real Estate, retail, businesses and service providers can greatly benefit from using this simple but very effective method of providing clear and concise information to the consumer.

Web 2.0 – winners

I remember back in 2005 someone has forwarded me the image with a list of web 2.0 logos. The list contained 450 newly created services. It was amazing, for some reason on that day it felt like Internet was completely different place to what it was before. Everyone wanted to get their slice of Web 2.0.

5 years later, it is clear that there are dominant services that users prefer to use on daily basis and here they are: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WordPress. Just 4 out of 450. Why? Because they simple to use and allow users to communicate instantly.

Play games at the bus stop!

Yahoo has converted ordinary bus stops into interactive screen billboards to promote their new mobile apps. Interactive bus stops are located in 10 different spots around San Fancisco. Each bus stop has a score meter, so it’s suburb against suburb. Suburb with the highest score will win a street party after 10 week campaign will be finished.

Do you want to know what Google looks for when crawling your website?


Nowadays search is everything and getting your website to the top of the list is a huge job. There are numerous companies around proposing SEO services. However how would you know that company is doing a good job for your website? Hooray, there is website analysis tool available to everyone that allows you to check what can be improved on the website in order for better indexing on Google.

It is called Woorank

Vector graphics in HTML5

vector vs raster

I think Vector graphics is one of the most important things that should be developed further in HTML 5. People more and more browsing the web from their mobile devices and sometimes top menu or CSS pampered buttons look very pixelated when zooming on the content. I think it will improve user experience dramatically.

War of the worlds: Flash and Apple

Flash, Apple, Ignore

It’s not a secret that Apple mobile devices don’t read Flash or Silverlight. I always thought that Apple products are creative platforms with enhanced user experience and nice design, however right now Apple really limiting creativity for designers and developers by its inability to play flash animation.
Ok, we can live without Flash banners, but how about Flash games which are so popular on Facebook or flash business applications that been around for years. At the end all we have  is three choices 1: start getting rid of flash completely to support Apple devices 2: Wait for HTML5 to arrive which is promising to embed links for video, audio, flash, etc, so there no plug ins required 3: Think of Apple as an arrogant company and just ignore their inability to read the flash files. The last one will be hard to do I tell you that!

Video – the future of web

Video about the business
You probably already noticed how Telstra brought their T-Hub, iiNet have their Fetch TV and so on. So, it’s obvious that companies are moving into online video streaming. That means web soon will become one big media hub that will be accessible from any home TV. Therefore user experience will change from reading company information to viewing video about the company and its products / services. As far as I know people already using this feature in Japan and hopefully National Broadband Network will change our web/TV experience soon as well.

3D mapping – Official Ralph Lauren 4D Experience

In celebration of 10 years of digital innovation, presents the ultimate fusion of art, fashion & technology in a visual feast for the 5 senses. Watch as the New York women’s flagship at 888 Madison Avenue disappears before your eyes and is then transformed into a series of objects and images rendered in 3-dimensional space.           

Radio for breakfast

Radio for Breakfast

Do you want a successful creative for breakfast radio show?

Well, that’s easy – guy on the left, lady on the right. Put logo, name of the show and time if needed. Done.

(At least WSFM tried to show what music they playing.)

Smart use of Flash

Yahoo 7 Election Calendar
Yahoo 7 Interactive Election Campaign Calendar

Yahoo 7 Election 2010 Seats
Seats by Yahoo 7

Election 2010

Watch Your Vote by

Election 2010 The Australian
The Australian Live Election 2010

Well, Flash technology is not always about the funky animation. It can be used as a smart tool to present the information in interactive and exciting way. During the Election 2010 media organisations around Australia had their own go with this technology. Yahoo 7 and News Corporation literally explained to the audience what’s creativity and passion for technology can do together if smartly used.

It was a big day for Australia, however online all seems a bit funnier that it is in reality.

Toy Story 3 – Hi, I’m the new PM
Toy Story 3 – Hi, I’m the new PM” (Yahoo 7)”

The Gillard Revolution – Win a Brand New CX7 (Daily telegraph)
“The Gillard Revolution – Win a Brand New CX7” (Daily telegraph)

Join Hospital and extras by June 30 – OK? – Yes, Prime Minister (
“Join Hospital and extras by June 30 – OK? – Yes, Prime Minister” (

Gillard in control – Shrek is upset (Ninemsn)
“Gillard in control – Shrek is upset”(Ninemsn)

Big news grab a lot of attention. And of course hungry for information users go straight to the source to find out more about what’s happening. Media portals had a fare share of the traffic coming through today, but it was interesting to see how advertising has changed the whole picture of the situation. And the winners are:

“Toy Story 3 – Hi, I’m the new PM” (Yahoo 7)”
“The Gillard Revolution – Win a Brand New CX7” (Daily telegraph)
“Join Hospital and extras by June 30 – OK? – Yes, Prime Minister” (
“Gillard in control – Shrek is upset”(Ninemsn)

Pizza Hut Triple Dippers

Pizza Hut Triple Dippers

Use of the fonts is very important. Pizza Hut use very nice, modern font which is being applied on most of the business marketing material. However, it is also very important to check that every letter of chosen font plays its role properly and it easy to read and understand. For me, it seems that letter “t” looks like “c” in this particular font. Have your say…

Branded Coffee Cup

Coffee cup nrma vision personal training

Where are all your customers? Well, they just around the corner in the coffee shop. Branded coffee cup seems to be successfully promoting the business with a personal touch.

NRMA example – effective, but when you enjoy the coffee you are covering most of the visual. So people around you won’t even notice what’s on the cup. The visual was printed on the actual cup and I believe it is quite expensive and time consuming option.

Vision Personal Training decided to use “straight in your face” concept. Round, 2×2 sticker attracts a lot of attention, well at some point it becomes a bit annoying, but it does the trick. This version is less expensive (order the labels and stick them on top of the cups) and it seems delivering better results. What ‘s on your cup?