At Nikita Photography Studios, we put the focus on your garments. Presenting your clothes online can rapidly grow your business and boost your sales. However, to feature clothes or garment in a way that speaks for itself is an art on its own. We are helping many high-end brands to bring their garments to life. Our passion is about quality clothing photography. Our photographers, stylists and post production team put focus on ensuring quality clothing photography is at the heart of what we do. We provide superior quality clothing images and photographs that showcase your products perfectly and provide a real commercial value to your business.


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We are Sydney based studio specialising in product photography for online stores, catalogues, marketing and advertising materials. Our main specialty categories are: Clothing (Ghost Mannequin / Flat Lay), Jewellery, Cosmetics and Skin Care, Fashion Accessories and Footwear.

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Our expert photographers offer a variety of clothing and garment photography options for your clothing and fashion photography needs. Whether you need images as ghost mannequin or flat lay, we are the right product photography team for you. We pride ourselves in taking a great care when we photograph your garments. We ensure that each clothing image is perfect. Over the years we have provided highest quality commercial clothing photography to a diverse range of brands and online stores.

Each brand style is unique, and it is our job to showcase your garment in its best. It is important to be aware of the exclusive features of each garment when performing clothing photography. That is why many online stores and e-commerce websites choose flat lay photography as an option. Below we would like to explain the key values of choosing flat lay photography for your online and e-commerce store.

Flat Lay Photography Example
Ghost Mannequin Photography Example


Flay lay photography has never been more popular in fashion photography than nowadays. With rapidly growing online, Instagram, e-commerce stores, flat lay photography allows the best option for fashion industry.  Flat lay clothing photography is photography services with image being shot directly from above. This method requires the garment to be laid out and carefully styled, allowing the clothes to show movement with its natural shape and form.

The garment can be arranged in a way that presents still image or image with some movement, like rolled up or folded sleeves. In other words, flat lay photography allows garments to presented in a simple yet realist way, thus your customers can make an informative buying decision. It is very important for your customer to be able to compare, visualise and see how particular garment may look on themselves.


When deciding between flat lay and ghost mannequin photography you are mainly driven by your garments style, product features, design and the product itself. Let’s talk about each style and what’s make it stand out.

Whether we are shooting flat lay or ghost mannequin clothing photography, garment preparation is key to a perfect image. Great clothing product photography can improve your customers’ shopping experience and increase your e-commerce sales. When it comes to your online store, visual presentation or merchandising is mainly driven by portraying your garment in its best visual image. As such, we need to catch customer’s attention and convert it into sales. This is when high quality, consistent and eye-catching photographs of your products play an important role in customer’s buying experience.

The key focus is on the product’s appearance and making sure it’s in its best look prior shooting the garment. We make sure that each garment is well cleaned, steamed, ironed and imperfections free. Styles can be improved by flattering and some adjustment where possible, using pins, clips and other techniques to highlight key features of the garment.  Importantly enough, sizing is a key. The best photography technique is to pick one size and use the same size throughout the photography for a consistent appearance. It helps your customers to visualise the garment on themselves and provide consistent look thought out your e-commerce store.


When it comes to flat lay clothing photography, this photography style is well suitable for garments with two-dimensional representation. Flat lay product photography is adaptable and can be useful for many types of clothing. Garments such as T-shirts, shirts, trousers, shorts, jumpers, shoes, hats, scarves, handbags and many items of children’s clothing will mainly benefit from flat lay product photography. It is important to point out that kids clothing usually photographed this way. Moreover, flat lay product photography provides flexibility with garment styling options. This is always a great product photography option on a creative side and unique styling combinations.

Flat lay photography is ideal product photography option to choose when we need to showcase and highlight garment’s pattern, design and its features without distorting the real value of your product.

Flat lay clothing photography might sound incredibly simple; however there is a lot of work and preparation that goes into this particular product photography style. It takes a lot more effort rather than simply laying a garment against white background and photographing it from the above. Photography styling is a key to a successful flat lay image. It takes a lot of patience and practice before an ideal image is produced.

Flay Lay Photography Features


We take great care when preparing your garment for each clothing photography session. We steam and carefully style every garment to ensure it always looks its best and sells itself. After garments have been prepared, whereas cleaned and steamed to remove creases, garments are laid flat on a white background. The tricky part is getting bird’s eye view without disturbing the real look of the garment. It is quite difficult to capture the garment in its real life style. Please note getting it wrong can completely distort the image. As such, your garment may appear bigger, longer or image can be produced in a way that it is uncomfortable for the viewer to visualise your garment. Getting the right angle is very important when performing flat lay product photography.

When photographing flat lay image, a photo camera is securely placed parallel to the ground where garment is placed. As with all types of product photography, light is of fundamental importance.

A combination of natural and studio light is utilised to decrease shadow yet to create a realist look. The garment is lighted by studio lights, flashes and diffusers to create a visual illusion of depth and real appearance. A detail shot of the garment is often taken to highlight the texture as well as important design features.


Product styling and positioning in flat lay photography can make a substantial difference on your target market.  This is why we make sure your product stands out from the rest by showcasing and highlighting the key features of the product. It is important to make sure the image of your garment is distinguished and eye-catching.  Our team are very particular when it comes to product placement.  In order to cater for a diverse range of customer requirements we offer the following types of flat lay photography:

Flat Lay Photography Styling


Formal Flat Lay Styling


Garment composition is often a key to a successful image. Perfectly styled garment in an image can immediately draw attention of your potential customer and boost your sales. The key before deciding which flat lay photography style to choose is the reason for taking the picture. If it’s about driving sales, creating structure and consistency or developing sharp and bold images, formal flat lay style is the way to go.

Many e-commerce sites tend to select formal flat lay style to uniform their product range. This photography style is the most popular and versatile way to showcase your garment on your website. Our photographers style your garment to create a precise image of clarity and structure. The garment is centered and clear-cut positioned whereas its features are well defined. We use pins and clips to hold the product in its shape. When we photoshoot a garment such as shirt or t-shirt, the seam lines are well positioned, the collar is snug around the invisible neck line and shirt sleeve fall in comfortably. As such a similar rule applies to styling pants, shorts and underwear. When it comes to styling pants, we are looking at straight back with a fine crease in the front, almost creating a natural look of pants being worn. This is a simple overview of formal flat lay formal style photography.


We understand some brands need a tailored approach to meet their creative objectives. Casual flat lay style photography allows some flexibility in terms of being a little more creative with styling. This is where you will find images with buttons undone and sleeves placed in a relaxed manner. One of the secrets to a successful relaxed flat lay photography is making it look effortless and real. Although you may spend hours on styling and putting the garment together for the perfect image, the best photograph is when garment landed naturally.  We always thrive to be original and consistent when comes to relaxed flat lay photography. Our photographers pay an extra care when styling the garment to ensure the image is produced in a right angle and direction, almost creating a ‘chaotic’ depth of space.

Flat lay product photography requires great attention and expertise from the post production team.  A professional look is achieved by styling and post production techniques. Whereas background needs to be removed and image imperfections are corrected.  Furthermore, this is where lighting is adjusted, crisps are being removed, colour correction is performed, garments are straightened as well as cropping and resizing is being performed. During the post production stage photographs are being optimised for the web. This is also where images are being edited for customer specifications and unique requirements. The ultimate goal of the post production phase of the flat lay product photography is to create superior quality and consistent images. The result is an eye-catching image that keeps the focus firmly on your product!

As such this is how flat lay product photography is being done. Now, lets take a look at ghost mannequin product photography.

Casual Relaxed Flat Lay Photography Styling
Ghost Mannequin Photography Key Features


Ghost mannequin photography is also often referred as invisible mannequin. This is simply when garment is represented as if an ‘invisible man’ or ‘ghost’ wearing the garment. The garment is photographed creating a visual effect of the clotting being worn by an ‘invisible’ man. This is done by styling and photographing the garment on a mannequin and cropping it out from the final image.

Ghost mannequin product photography offers neat and orderly view of the garment, creating three-dimensional depth of the image. This product photography method allows customers to see shape and parts of the garment that may otherwise be hidden, such as back of the garment, labels, lining and stiches. Ghost mannequin generally used to showcase the shape and fit of the garment.

Although this product photography method is relatively simple to style, it requires expert knowledge and experience in the post production phase in order to achieve perfectly flawless final image. Your product is photographed as normal and then repositioned so that any portion of the garment that was originally covered by the mannequin can be seen. This may very well mean couple if not more images are taken. We then remove the mannequin during the post production, where back of the garment can be seen and cut out to a pure white background. This step allows to clear all distractions from the garment. The image will later be combined into a single photograph, almost creating a 3D effect.

This style of clothing photography is widely chosen by the fashion industry to demonstrate the garment fit, shape and style.  Ghost mannequin photography can be ideal option for blouses, silk garments, blazers, fitted clothes, like evening dresses, jeans, socks, swimwear and underwear.

Although ghost mannequin photography method allows customers to visualise garment being worn, it is also possible that ghost mannequin image may disturb or dilute customer perception of the garment. By stereotyping and idealising the look of the garment, customers may perceive the garment as not suitable for their body shape.

Learn more about Ghost Mannequin Photography >


At Nikita Photography Studios, we want your garments and products to stand out to potential customers. Which is why we guide you throughout the product photography options whether it be flat lay or ghost mannequin product, so that your online, e-commerce store has it best presents on the market.

It often makes good commercial sense to supplement your online store with a mixed approach. This way you provide your customers with a comprehensive view of your product or garment without forcing you to choose between branding and your budget.

We are product photography studios experienced with all types of products and all levels of projects’ complexities.  As such, you can be confident we are the right photography business partner for you!


In order to qualify for $20+GST per image special, the minimum quantity of 20 images is required. Please contact us for a quote should you require less than 20 images.

We provide all our images, professionally retouched (correcting imperfections), deep etched (background removed) in high resolution (for print) and web optimised formats (for eCommerce).

Our standard turnaround time is 5-7 business days from the day of the photoshoot. This may vary due to the complexity of the setup and the number of product photos required. Express turnaround times are available.

YES, please contact us for a special rate.

Products can be delivered to us using Australian Post or courier of your choice. Alternatively, products can be hand delivered to the studio. Please package your items in a protective manner.

NO, there is No Studio Setup Fee.

YES, we require products to be clean and ready for shooting to ensure we can maintain high quality standards. Items requiring cleaning will delay the shooting process and may incur additional charges.

You will receive your images in hi-resolution for print use (~5000px x 5000px 300dpi) and web optimised images for e-commerce (1024px x 1024px). We can prepare your images as JPEG (Standard – white background) or PNG (no background) formats. If you require Photoshop files please let us know.

You will receive the link via email to download your final images.

Once invoice payment and photography project is finalised you get unlimited rights for images use. We provide all our final images to you. We may use the images on our website and/or social media channels as an example of our work.

Please note that garment colour change is purely done for consistency purposes only. We usually fit every garment of the same style on the mannequin and determine which style fits best. From our experience clients always ask for the colour change if there is a slight difference between the garments’ shape. The one that fits better on the mannequin always wins. Garment colour change is quite a complex process as it requires the post production team to cut and match all the buttons, labels, drawings, wordings that may appear on the garment. Colour changed image is treated as a separate final image. There are no additional discounts associated with this process and can only be determined by the photographer if applicable.

We accept payments via Bank Transfer (EFT), Credit Cards or PayPal. Please note that it is prohibited to use any of the images without finalising the payment first.

When the photographs are complete, we return the products to you, at your cost. If you do not want the products returned, please let us know.

Product will remain in the studio for 10 business days from the date of the photoshoot. Thereafter products are being recycled.