Ghost Mannequin Photography Faded

Project Description

As the rest of the world gets more complicated, surfing goes in the other direction. While you sit in your office chair staring down the computer screen you start to wish the multiple post it notes with pointless jobs would turn into multiple waves with endless barrels, you wish your uncomfortable office chair between two wall dividers was a hammock tied between two palm trees, the sound of bickering colleagues should be the sound of cheering mates as your getting spat out of some tropical reef breaking screamer.

Surfers live a lifestyle that most are envious of, we live it so we can escape and fade away from the 9-5 lifestyle in a concrete jungle. We stand for anything outside the realms of a monotonous society, a faction of like minded surfers who keep the stoke.

We escape and fade, we are FADED.

Nikita Photography Studios has provided Ghost Mannequin Photography services to Faded.