Ghost Mannequin Photography Minty Meets Munt

Project Description

Established in 2007, Minty Meets Munt is the destination for fashionistas who wear their style on their sleeve. The Minty Meets Munt aesthetic is playful and edgy, with wearability also being an important element. The label is fused with bold colours and eye-catching prints, defining a new genre of femininity.

Our vision is to provide high-quality and fashionable pieces that are sure to make you feel as if the world is your own personal catwalk without breaking the bank. At Minty Meets Munt, we are our customer. Our team bubbles over with enthusiasm, ideas, and a passion to create garments that are fun, fashionable, and always Minty fresh!

Nikita Design Studio has provided Ghost Mannequin Photography services to Minty Meets Munt.