Nikita Photography Studios is a Sydney based professional product photography company. We specialise in product photography, eCommerce photography, creative photography as well as model and fashion photography.

We are fully equipped product photography studio with the latest digital technology and we can accommodate any request, from small product quantities to entire catalogues comprising thousands of photos.

Excellence in product photography come from the experience and expertise to know how best to position, light and edit each photograph. Using top of the range photographic equipment and techniques, we are able to deliver a high quality professional finish to your product images that promotes product sales. Our highly skilled professional photographers are about exceptional attention to details, ensuring the best results every time at a cost effective price. Contact us today and let us demonstrate how with the great product photography your product can transform and drive your business.


Our purpose is to produce product photography that is informative, make your products look their absolute best, increases sales, states professionalism and credibility to your products.

We provide product photography for catalogues, eCommerce, websites, brochures, marketing and advertising, advertorials, PR and magazine ads.

Our customers range from eCommerce stores, agencies, small businesses and global companies, to distributors, manufacturers and retailers all over Australia.


At Nikita Photography Studios we focus on highlighting clothing, providing stylish, modern clothing photography, from casual and sportswear, to evening wear and baby clothing. Our aim is to provide clothing photography services that help you get your message and brand across. Whether you need mannequin, ghost (invisible) mannequin, model or flat lay clothing photography, we can achieve fantastic results – ensuring your product conveys the unique style and reflects your brand.

We will help you to select the style right for your product, producing high quality fashion images. You can select to use a model to promote your brand with real people adding dynamics to your clothing products.


One of most popular clothing photography is the ghost (invisible) mannequin photography. We can shoot your clothing creating an atmosphere of realism and 3D effect. This is perfect for websites, clothing catalogues and PR campaigns. Ghost Mannequin photography allows you to create quick and effective images in particular for clothing items that requires shades and style.



Many of our clients also find that Flat Lay clothing photography provides a different appearance to the clothing item. This clothing photography style ensures that all vastly different item qualities appearing in the moment, creating an effect of consistency.

Technical experience and creativity is essential when it comes to clothing photography. Our professional clothing photographers are highly qualified professionals with exceptional eye for detail. They will ensure that images reflect the clothing materials in its natural colour and true texture. Meanwhile, maintaining the style and functionally of the garment.



We understand that there is no two jewellery products are the same. Each piece of jewellery is unique and requires a special attention. This is why at Nikita Photography Studios we will work hard to create a photograph that represents every aspect of the product in a crystal clear manner.

Jewellery and watches photography can be one the hardest photographs to make. It requires particular focus on details, lighting, tone and setup. We understand the importance of perfect jewellery imaging, the best way to capture the definitions that highlight the key features of the product.

We create photographs that help your customers to see your products in its best. The key to a stunning jewellery or watch photography is that each photograph should look natural and effortless, truly reflecting the product beauty.



There’s more to fashion accessories photography than just applying a simple technique. We believe that with natural and creative approach, fashion accessories can be photographed capturing a desire and raw emotion.

At Nikita Photography Studios we will take time and careful consideration when photographing the fashion accessories to portray an important message. As every piece of fashion accessory is uniquely designed, we understand the importance of capturing the amazing product definitions, details, lighting and tone.

With the fashion accessories photography it is essential to accurately apply the background, lighting, camera focus and angles to capture the product style. This allows us to reflect product individuality and the way a consumer will view the product. Whatever message you want to convey we provide product photography that drive sales.



At Nikita Photography Studios we understand the needs of our clients when it comes to skincare and cosmetics products. From initial brief we can offer creative and unique product photography services that present products in clear and stylish layouts.

Skincare and Cosmetics products can be one of the most challenging objects to photograph. High quality images can be achieved when there is a combination of skills, expertise, techniques and the use of latest technology. From creative gift pack shots, group photos or highly reflective glamorous packaging, Nikita Photography Studios can do it all.

Our photographers can work with highly reflective products, unique product and brand layouts to bring out the best and to increase the selling power of your product.

Group Shots

Our most popular option is the group photography, where we unite the products in a storytelling manner that consumers want. To achieve the pin sharp definition of the group photography, we photograph the products separately and comprise a state of the art image that cannot be achieved with macro photography. This way we can ensure we get maximum clarity and colour reflection.

No matter how complex the job is, we can create photographs that target your audience to the core.



We understand the special requirements in styling great wine bottle photography. It is important to us to create captivating mouth-watering images that reflects the unique wine flavour, richness and colour.

Wine bottle photography requires experience, expertise and patience. Our experience photographers have what it takes to create an ideal image. From the planning stage to a final image, we work on creating images that promotes your product.

We pride ourselves in creating photographs that are visually stimulating and reflecting fresh, natural style of the wine. We showcase characteristic of an item, working on lighting that dynamically replicate the natural crystal clear beauty of the wine bottle. We supply you with only the best product photography, with every picture telling a story.



For many eCommerce stores and business starters where the market is highly competitive, it is imperative to provide high quality product photography. That is why in the baby products and clothing industry we believe flat lay product photography is more cost effective. This is inexpensive way for our customers to get the desired result where product is photographed in a professional manner, clearly reflecting the colour and texture.

We use creative techniques where we can help to reveal the unique beauty of the product through careful lighting and high quality digital photography.



We enjoy furniture and howewares photography as the images we produce really sell the product and the brand. It is about creating a special atmosphere and style to a shoot that allows us to authentically reflect the product colour, texture and shapes.

Whether you need professional furniture and homewares photographs for web or print use, eCommerce catalogue or promotional materials, our goal is always to produce eye-catching, captivating and informative photographs.
The photoshoot process is important to us and we put a great emphasis on planning, photographing and image editing. Care and attention goes into every photoshoot session, ensuring that various characteristics of the product are professionally captured in the image.

The important thing when it comes to furniture and homeware photography is to treat every item as a piece of art that communicate a message to a consumer.

Our professional and skilled photographers are experienced in working with small and large items, ensure each time the perfect photographs are produced.

Furniture Photography



We create images that support and enhance your products. With general merchandise photography we know how details are important. Our photos capture your products in every single detail, have depth and colour reflection. Each product demands a different style and we understand that every photo is a powerful tool that drives customer’s attention.

General merchandise photography is about creating clean, precise and captivating images. As product photography specialists we offer range of photo services from a simple shot on a white background to more complex high end fashion photography. We work with you to create custom photos to help you push your sales to new levels.



Industrial product photography works on a detailed scale where every micro and macro piece is important. We understand the difference it has on the final product image. We put great emphasis on communicating the qualities of the product, so that you can always stay ahead of your competitors.

We utilise special technical equipment that helps us to get the high definition images. With the right approach, shooting angle and lighting, we develop fresh and bold images that convey the item characteristics in accurate and informative manner.

Our experience photographers focus on each product individuality showcasing the very best features of the product yet accurately projecting the details and product style.

With industrial product photography, we can apply different effects like reflections, shadows, dramatic angles to highlight the key product features. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs to make sure the final images are produced exactly as expected.



Everything we do in packshot photography comes with great care and attention to ensure we achieve the very best results. Whether you are looking for a packshot photography for eCommerce site, brochure, print or advertising purposes, you can count on us.

We put a great emphasis on quality and attention to details, ensuring that your product is eye-catching and engaging. We truly believe that having top quality photography leads to sales conversion and customer retention.

Packshot photography is about creativity and heavily relies on photographer’s ability to visually present all the product qualities. We understand the key trends that lead to visually stimulating images. With every packshot photography our aim is to transform the packaging into exciting and stunning piece of art. We achieve this with a professionalism and experience, high level of creativity, colour contrast and sharp clarity. It is about achieving fabulous photography results without misleading.

Our professional studio allows us to create great packshot photography from plain white background to artistically creative scenery. We understand the importance of professional packshot photography that leads to great sales and customer satisfaction.


Creative product photography allows us to create captivating photos and to provide users the best buying experience. The use of props helps to bring out certain features of the product in the photo. You can immediately engage your potential buyer and help them to get an idea of how your product can be different from your competitors.

At Nikita Photography Studios our creative team of photographers will work with you to recreate your ideas into real life. Our goal is to enhance the user experience by complimenting your items with props. We can create from clean and simple photographs to a complex photoshoot with a situational realism. With each photo that we make the results is a stunning image where your product is communicated in a crispy clean direct fashion.

Whatever your product photography requirements, we can help you to achieve them with high quality, affordable and stunning images!

Creative Product Photography


360 degree product photography is more than a rotating image. You can experience a far greater details and information about the product. It gives an opportunity to bring out the dynamics of the products – it gives new life to a product.

We offer a unique service that provides customers with a high quality 360 degree product photography in an affordable way – 360 Degree Product Video. Increase your sales and make your company to stand out from your competitors.

Our professional team of photographers dedicated time and energy in developing techniques and methodologies that captures your product in its best, optimising the shopping experience for your customers.

One of the key advantages of our services is that as well as 360 degree photography we do a 360 degree product video. The usual 360 degree photography process is when a product is individually photographed and made of 36 high-resolution images that spin around creating a 360 degree product view.

In Nikita Photography Studios we provide you with a completely comprehensive product video, including video recording of your product and professional video editing. The product can be viewed in greater details and all sides.
We provide you with the final video that can be embedded on your website and easily viewed by your customers using smartphones and tables.


eCommerce Model Photography is getting more and more popular day after day and we follow all the modern tendencies and trends. Nowadays, an effective e-commerce solution is a key to a successful business. The real market driver is an effective and powerful online presence where your business need to stand out from competition. In order to maintain profitable and successful business, you need to think of powerful way of advertising.

At Nikita Photography Studios we provide eCommerce Model Photography, where your business can benefit from modern, sharp and captivating Model Photography promoting your product and your brand.


There is so much more to creating a captivating and stunning, high quality product photography. At Nikita Photography Studios we provide a complete product photography experience. Our post-production and editing team of highly skilled experts will work on your images to make them look the best.

Tell us about your product

Great product photography complements the product. First we discuss with you your photography needs and the look you want to achieve. During this stage we also look at tone, style and any other specific requirements you may have.

Post / Courier the Products to us

Products can be shipped or delivered to us using Australian post or courier of your choice. As well as you can drop your products yourself at our studio (appointment required).

Studio address: Unit 4, 16-18 Resolution Drive, Caringbah, NSW 2229, (Sydney Australia)

Scheduling Photoshoot and Product Preparation

We will inform you once we receive your products. We check the products into the studio, schedule your product shoot and start shooting as per your instructions.

We put a great amount of time into preparation of your product for the photoshoot. A small thing such as dust, fingerprints or dirt can impact the quality of the final images. That is why we prepare and clean the products to ensure the quality of your final images.

Product Photography

Professional studio and lighting set up is a very critical aspect of the product photography process. We carefully select the light positioning to bring out the true colours and define the shape of your products.

Your products are photographed in a fully equipped studio using range of camera lenses and the latest lighting equipment. Our team of photographers are fully qualified with years of professional experience and expertise.

Post Production

To ensure the highest quality of work after the products are photographed, your images are then progress into the post production stage. During this process your images being reviewed for quality.

Background Removal (Deep Etching)

Background Removal (Deep Etching)

We understand that every business is different and that is why every product photo requires a different look. Whether you need a final photo for web or print, our professional team of experts will work on your image to remove the background so that your image looks clean and high-quality. The final images are available in high-resolution on pure white or transparent backgrounds.

Retouching and Colour Correction

Retouching and Colour Correction

A picture is worth a thousand words. At Nikita Photography Studios, we deliver images that reflect your products in magnificent details, the colours are enhanced and imperfections are corrected. We work on your image to bring out the true depth and beauty of your product.

Image retouching represents a big part of our product photography service. Our professional retouchers will work on your photo to correct any imperfections, discoloration and shading. Products that are highly reflective will require extra manipulation and improvement and we always put a quality and customer satisfaction as a top priority.

File Preparation and Delivery

Once your images are ready you will receive the link to download your photos in high-resolution for print use and low-resolution for web use. We supply final images  in JPEG (white background) and PNG (transparent background) formats.

Returning your Products

Once final images have been supplied, we will securely pack up your products so they are ready for collection. You can always collect your products from our studio in person (appointment required) or organise courier service for pick up. We also advise to supply Return Parcel Bag if you would to return the products via Australia Post service.


We use Per Image Pricing Model

Pricing for our product photography service is based on per image price. All of our images go through detailed in-depth preparation, photography and post production process. This process requires unique photographer experience, as well as great attention for details and expertise from our post production team. We always produce product photography that is informative, eye-catching and at a best price.

Studio Setup Fee – Waived!

Every product photoshoot requires a different studio setup. Unlike many of other product photography studios across Australia, at Nikita Photography Studios we have no studio setup fee. When we photograph small items or bigger-than-life products, we ensure that every time each product shoot has a personalised studio setup at no cost.

Shiny / Reflective Products Fee – Waived!

At Nikita Photography Studios we understand how to effectively work with the highly reflective surfaces to produce a perfect clear image. Our professional photographers apply years of expertise and experience to ensure that each time you receive the very best flawless product photos.

We believe in high-quality services and great value for money. That is why at Nikita Photography Studios there are no additional fees charged for shiny or reflective products. Our experts in the field have the ability to photography any products producing perfectly timeless images.

Small vs Large Object

Unlike our competitors, our pricing model does not depend on a size of the product we photograph. We have the ability to take product photography of both large and small products, every time producing a high quality, informative and eye-catching images.


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We provide all our images, professionally retouched (correcting imperfections), deep etched (background removed) in high resolution (for print) and web optimised formats (for eCommerce).

Our standard turnaround time is 5-7 business days from the day of the photoshoot. This may vary due to the complexity of the setup and the number of product photos required. Express turnaround times are available.

YES, please contact us for a special rate.

Products can be delivered to us using Australian Post or courier of your choice. Alternatively, products can be hand delivered to the studio. Please package your items in a protective manner.

NO, there is No Studio Setup Fee.

YES, we require products to be clean and ready for shooting to ensure we can maintain high quality standards. Items requiring cleaning will delay the shooting process and may incur additional charges.

You will receive your images in hi-resolution for print use (~5000px x 5000px 300dpi) and web optimised images for e-commerce (1024px x 1024px). We can prepare your images as JPEG (Standard – white background) or PNG (no background) formats. If you require Photoshop files please let us know.

You will receive the link via email to download your final images.

Once invoice payment is finalised you get unlimited rights for images use. We provide all our final images to you. We may use the images on our website and/or social media channels as an example of our work.

We accept payments via Bank Transfer (EFT), Credit Cards or PayPal. Please note that it is prohibited to use any of the images without finalising the payment first.

When the photographs are complete, we return the products to you, at your cost. If you do not want the products returned, please let us know.

Product will remain in the studio for 10 business days from the date of the photoshoot. Thereafter products are being recycled.